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Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual Mentoring takes coaching to another level. Understand the deeper blocks preventing you from reaching your goals.

My New Book, Roasting Karma, Is Out!

Find out more about my new memoir, Roasting Karma, and why I chose to “Be The Example!”

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

With the world turning itself upside down,  you may find yourself facing situations you’ve never encountered. As the new world paradigm emerges, new and unfamiliar aspects of ourselves emerge. Do you like what you see? Or is there room for improvement or change? Consider: 

Do you wake up ready to take on a new day?

Are you happy in your relationship? Your job?

Are you afraid of what tomorrow brings?

Do you feel at odds with other people?

Isn't it time for a change?

What Is Spiritual Mentoring (SM)?
Who is SM For?

Spiritual Mentoring is very much like coaching (life or business) but takes it to a deeper level. A coach may tell you to “believe in yourself”  in order to succeed. Some clients may be able to do this with their coach’s support, but others need to understand why;  what has been stopping them from succeeding? If you need to know why or what has been stopping you, you need a Spiritual Mentor. Take look at some of the topics that can be examined:

Pivotal Moments or Epiphanies.

Learn to recognize those “Aha!” moments in life. Learn to understand why they have shown up and what they mean for your spiritual advancement.

Become the Observer to your own life.

Recognize that you are both the observer and the thing being observed. Once you are able to do this, you can analyze your actions more fully and begin controlling your reactions to daily events.

See your Ego-self for what it truly is.

There is a part of us that was created by our surroundings and indoctrination into this world. It is the mask that we wear when interacting with others. Learn to remove the mask and reveal your authentic self.

Turn on your sixth sense--Intuition.

Ever think something is going to happen, and then it does? Is it coincidence? Learn that by believing in yourself and trusting your intuition, you can develop your sixth sense and make it stronger.

Choices and Habits

We were all given free will and the ability to make our own decisions. However, sometimes we develop habits from our choices and put the decision making process on autopilot. Free yourself from automation and begin living and choosing in the present moment.

Understand Karma and how it's affecting your life.

Karma is the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. What we sow, we must reap. When unpredictable events show up in our lives that we feel we don’t deserve, learn to understand where they may have come from and how to deal with them.

About Me

Kirk Johnson is a two-time heart and kidney transplant survivor. While waiting for his first heart transplant in 2000, Kirk asked himself, “Why should I be kept alive over anybody else?” The answer came to him in deep meditation. If he were to become an example for others to follow when in the pit of despair, he would be worthy of a second chance. Kirk was given a second chance and is using his personal, real-life experiences to help others through his writing, speaking, teaching, and mentoring.

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    My New Book

    In his readable book, Roasting Karma, Kirk Johnson vividly and with disarming candour, shares his seemingly unending health challenges and painful life experiences with readers who may rightly wonder how one man can survive them all. Kirk goes through a heart transplant, followed by a kidney transplant. The women he married also die of cancer, leaving him alone. He gets a second heart transplant, comes close to death several times, injures his back and neck surfing in Panama. Throughout all these challenges, Kirk learns lessons which helped him – the importance of will power, the acceptance of responsibility for our own individual lives and the conscious development of the spiritual aspect of life. Kirk has given readers one man’s example of what it takes to face the vicissitudes of life, and this book will inspire readers as they navigate the journeys of their lives.


    Professor Kofi Asare Opoku

    Chairman, Kwabena Nketia Centre for Africana Studies, African University College of Communications, Accra, Ghana

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    Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take On The Challenge. Reward Yourself.

    You’ve been thinking about change for a long time. In my book, Roasting Karma, I talk about the Push or Pull Theory of Enlightenment: one is either drawn to make changes or they get the good ole shove in the back. Don’t wait for a dramatic, pivotal moment in your life. Take charge of your own destiny and reach out for help.

    Once you learn to understand what is holding you back and how to break free, nothing will stop you from fulfilling your life’s purpose. Make this year the year you peel back the layers to reveal the true you. You owe it to yourself!

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