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Kirk A. Johnson - Author, Speaker, Spiritual Mentor

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– Kirk A. Johnson

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Sample Interview Questions

Sound like a pro, even if you havent read the book yet.

Roasting Karma
Roasting Karma
Kirk A Johnson

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    1. In 60 seconds, what is Roasting Karma about?


    1. You talk about a pact with God to survive. Are you a religious man?


    1. The book subtitle says “Awaken from Illusion…” How does one do that?


    1. The subtitle also says to “Take responsibility for your past actions…” What do you mean by that?


    1. You’ve had kidney failure. What was it like being on dialysis?


    1. You’ve had two heart and one kidney transplants. What happened to lead up to those?


    1. What is a Spiritual Mentor and who needs one?


    1. You seem to have a great attitude about life, even after severe trials. What is your secret?


    1. You’re writing workbooks to supplement your reader’s understanding of spirituality. Tell us about that?


  1. I understand another book is in the works. What is it about?

Author Bio

Kirk Johnson is a two-time heart and kidney transplant survivor. While waiting for his first heart transplant in 2000, Kirk asked himself, “Why should I be kept alive over anybody else?” The answer came to him in deep meditation. If he were to become an example for others to follow when in the pit of despair, he would be worthy of a second chance. Kirk was given a second chance and is using his personal, real-life experiences to help others through his writing, speaking, teaching, and mentoring.
            A Jamaican-born Canadian living in Canada since the age of three, Kirk brings with him a wealth of information on surviving life’s trials, as well as extensive holistic therapy experience. He is an Acupressure Therapist, Reiki Master, Holistic Body Analysis Practitioner, Spiritual Mentor, and an ordained metaphysical minister. He also practices Kriya yoga meditation, twice daily, and has done so for 15 years. He and his wife, Salome, live outside Toronto, Ontario, and share four amazing children: Travis, Nathaniel, Misha, and Phoebe.
            Kirk has helped numerous individuals resolve health issues, as well as find peace and balance through his holistic practices in Canada and the Republic of Panama, where he operated a satellite practice for a number of years.

My Values & Beliefs

From the subtitle to my new book Roasting Karma:

Awaken from illusion

Recognize that you are living in a solidified dream world. We were only ever meant to observe this world, but we have become attached to the senses and the body. See sense attachments for what they really are and wake up to your authentic self.

Take responsibility for your past actions

Karma, the law of cause and effect, has stored all your transgressions from this life, and your many lives before that, in your subconsciousness and superconsciousness waiting to pay you back at the right time. When we take responsibiltiy for those actions, the repayment doens’t seem as harsh and we learn to live a happier life with equanimity.

Create a life that is truly free

Be present and live in the moment. Too often, through habits and automatic responses, we live our lives on autopilot. As slaves to our habits and desires, we are not free. Take control of your life by actively making choices and taste freedom once again.

A Holistic Approach To Healing

Kirk developed a multitier approach: first solving problems on the material level using diet, herbs, and supplements; then if problems persist, he works using energetic and vibrational means; and if the problems still persist, he works using more spiritual or esoteric therapies. He is known as the practitioner who doesn’t let anyone escape from doing their work. He works closely with his clients to help them go deep to resolve the roots of their dis-ease.

Kirk Johnson meditating

About Roasting Karma

Very Inspirational!

Whether you are experiencing physical, mental health or so called “normal” life challenges and want to understand more about how past actions and decisions govern our daily lives, this is worth a read! Learning life lessons from somebody who was able to overcome extreme adversity and health problems is always worth a read, if you’re at a similar point in your own life. It also provides insights that are applicable to anybody who is inclined to explore spirituality in a non-dogmatic fashion and interested in learning more about how to better their own lives, be resilient during hard times, while accepting harsh realities that can happen to any of us. Well done!

Joe Hadzi

Mental Health Clinician - Social Worker