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Frequently Asked

Are you still doing in-person sessions?

With Covid-19 still an ongoing threat, we have switched our in-person sessions to Zoom video meetings. So far, these new sessions have been met with success and safety for both the client and the practitioner and we expect this will continue.

Is one session typically enough?

The success of a session depends on many factors: the depth of the issue, the familiarity with spiritual concepts, or how comfortable the client is towards change, to name a few. Just know that it is our highest goal to teach/mentor you how to be able to deal with your issues autonomously and be able to solve future issues on your own. While we enjoy having you as our client, we want to set you free. Your success is our success.

Can I claim your services on my insurance plan?

Unfortuantely, our mentoring sessions fall under our metaphysical minisrty and to my knowledge are not covered under healthcare plans.

I don't have very good internet. Can sessions be done via phone?

Yes, sessions can be arranged by telephone in situations where video meetings are not available. Please be aware that when video is available, it is helpful for the practitioner to see and read the client. It is in your best interest to be visible if possible.

Do you have discounts for seniors or low-income households?

No, we do not promote discounts as a regular offering. We do, however, offer discounts surrounding special events we sponsor. Keep your eyes open for these events or join our mailing list to stay informed.

Does religion play a part in your services?

Our mentoring sessions are not based on any particular religion and clients from all religions are welcome. 

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